Interior Design Trend Features Italian Marble for Hip Toronto Homes

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What are The Hottest Trends in Interior Design in Toronto Right Now?
The hottest trend in home design at the moment is to combine classic accent pieces of Italian marble with bold colour blocking.
One elite Toronto- based interior designer recently executed an excellent example of this hip concept in one of the more fashionable homes of Liberty Village, and experts agree that many variances of this home fashion trend will be found nationwide in a matter of months.
‘In Order to Truly Create Contemporary, We Must Look to the Past.'
The original design style is known as ‘Classic Bold' and as mentioned above, incorporates the use of Italian marble accent pieces with bold color blocking. The originating interior designer, who is much sought after, (so much so that she has requested that the name of her firm be withheld in order to maintain her exclusiveness), was quoted as saying ‘in order to truly create contemporary, we must look to the past.'
The Liberty Village location employs the ‘Classic Bold' design in both the kitchen and dining area of the home and features a bold colour blocking scheme for the walls and floor and some of the upholstered furniture. The countertops, dining room table, and a large area of a predominant wall include the Italian marble component that completes the design.
Why is Italian Marble So Popular?
Italian marble is incredibly popular, especially where the ‘Classic Bold' design is concerned for a wide variety of reasons:
  • marble offers a timeless look and feel that is both elegant and beautiful;
  • the right marble pieces can tie a room together effortlessly;
  • marble is available in both slab and tile form, which makes incorporating it into any design simple through either the use of larger accent pieces like countertops or smaller tiled areas; and
  • no two pieces of marble are the same.
How to Recreate the ‘Classic Bold' Design Concept
For those looking to recreate this trendy new design style, here are some tips and tricks to consider:
  • Pick a bold colour that will be the predominant one that is to be featured throughout the room. (This article will use the colour orange in order to better illustrate the example.)
  • Colour blocking is best created using three colours in non-equal sections in one area. Take the main colour and pair it with two additional colours. For instance, tangerine-orange will work well with red and rose pink.
  • For floors, use carpets or area rugs, or even paint, as long as several coats of clear urethane are applied.
  • For walls, either painted sections or solid coloured fabric wallpaper. (Tip: wainscoting can also be used to create bold colour blocking!)
  • For furniture, use solid coloured pieces to co-ordinate with each of the hues that have been chosen.
  • When picking Italian marble for the classic accents, make sure to choose pieces that display veining in only one of the colours in the colour scheme. (Choosing more than one colour will create too busy of a look and throw off the entire feel of the room.)
  • Use Italian marble slabs for countertops when countertops are an option. The solid pieces further enhance the classic look. Kitchen countertops, bar counters, and even table tops are a great way to incorporate slabs.
  • Use Italian marble tiles for decorative inlays in tables, mosaic designs on walls and backsplashes in kitchens.
The most important thing to remember when recreating the ‘Classic Bold' design is that the area looks simple and tasteful. Such a bold design choice can be quickly defeated by adding too many accessories or accent pieces that are any other material but Italian marble.